The Art of Hosting training in Karlskrona will take place March 7th - 10th.

This year’s training is full, so registration is now closed. Thank you for everybody who registered, we are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Art of Hosting Karlskrona is a 4-day training event designed to help you learn simple, yet powerful processes that build community, activate collective intelligence and foster individual and collaborative leadership practices.

You are invited to join us and connect with other young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world. Over 4 days there will be the opportunity to participate and practice the hosting of conversations that address some of the complex challenges of our times…How do we create a future we really want? By collaborating together through this exciting network of people full of energy and passion, we can exercise the great potential within each of us. We look forward to welcoming your presence and your contributions in what we are sure will be both a fun and inspiring experience.

Tools to be explored:

  • Circle Practice
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • 8 Breaths of Design
  • World Cafe
  • Storytelling
  • Open Space
  • Chaordic Stepping Stones

Training times

March 7th - training starts at 13h
March 8th - full day
March 9th - full day
March 10th - training ends at 14h
Please Note: We request that people are available and present for the whole training.

More Information:

Art of Hosting | Facebook Page